Mayol Energy Solutions TVC

TVC design & production

Mayol Enterprises

Mayol Energy Solutions is an emerging enterprise based in Manipur focused on developing alternative energy solutions. Our task was to conceptualise and produce a television commercial for its new range of appliances for solar power systems. The approach towards this conceptualization begins with an introspective monologue on the environmental problems faced by Manipur. We also felt it apt to incorporate a tinge of nostalgia in the form of lamentations of our loss of connections with nature, a melancholic nostalgia to be more precise. Almost every child who grew up in Manipur remembers Sandrembi, the turtle beetle and Ter√£ map√£l, dandelions. The theme behind this ad is to be solution centric and positive. A humble approach towards becoming a part of the solutions to the underlying environmental issues is what Mayol strives for and what we Warakki Ways focus on in this ad.

The video can be viewed in HD on our Vimeo channel here, and with English subtitles on our YouTube channel here.

Concept & Production: W√£rakki Ways
Director: Korou Khundrakpam
Production Manager: Kundo Yumnam
Copywriter: Leika Yumnam
VFX: Rahul Laishram

The score of this TVC features
"Reverie (small theme)" by _ghost (feat. Pitx) licensed under a Creative Commons license,
and "Yiourgh" by DoKashiteru (feat. Coblat) licensed under a a Creative Commons license.

Video stills from the project: